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March 29, 2013
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Speed painting - Lugia emerges by Leptocyon Speed painting - Lugia emerges by Leptocyon
Look at Lepto... feeling so artistic and stuff. Speed painting and stuff. Working with only one layer...

Everything started with one ask on my tumblr: "If you could be any legendary Pokemon, which one would you be?". Naturally I went to sketch my choice but then I felt like trying out speed painting and there it is. Nothing fancy, but I'm letting it to stay here as a record of Lepto's "progress".
Why Lugia? Read answer here
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DevenDesign Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You forgot the fishing net! I'm just kidding. Lol

This is an amazing image! I like the night time look and the moon light reflecting off of Lugia.
Leptocyon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think there is no fishing net in the world which can curb this one. xD
Thank you for the compliments. I'm glad you liked it. :aww:
Omen11 Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Llicht Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist
This is so cool looking!
EdyD Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
she's alive!!!


well this just looks awesome and epic at the same time!
great work!
Leptocyon Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"She's alive" ???? I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU IF YOU ARE ALIVE, agagsfshdhfdggaj!!!!
Oh, gosh! I'm so glad to see you on DA again! :glomp:
How are you? How are you doing? What's happening in your life, Eddie? Tell me everything!
EdyD Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
well i have being here and there, lol
im doing great! but not so much on my calculus class, =P
still in the uni with lots of work to do, and all that,
but im doing great
i just got myself a car, its pretty bad, but its a car... and it moves, yea,
oh and well ill tell you since you sais to tell you everything! but i also got operated with 6 kidney tumor, =P
but im doing good, nothing bad happen ^_^
so no worries there, and all that
i have about 3-4 more weeks of class and then bwuajaja vacation time!!!

jejeje, :blush:

and how have you being!? hows everything!
hope you are doing well!
im glad to hear from you again!
Take care of yourself!
Leptocyon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I guess that's fair enough answer. xD being here and there, I mean. :iconlaughingplz:

uuu, a car! Congratulations! I don't even have a driver license yet. xD And it doesn't matter if your car is bad. It's your first car! It's supposed to be bad. xD You'll shape funnier memories that way! :iconilikeitplz:

WHATTT??? Oh, man! I'm so sorry. I had no idea. A-a tumor...? b-but you say you're okay now, right? I-I decide to believe you. :iconwhyyou1plz: I'm so sorry. I hope you had all supported you needed/wanted in your friends and family. If I knew I would be sending you all my positive thoughts. But never mind, I'm sending them now so you stay okay forever and never get that nasty monster ever again! :iconsniffplz:
But wait. If you're on uni again than it means you fully recovered already? You weren't out for that long. 0.o Does that means that it wasn't so serious? :S

3-4 weeks?!?!?!?! Waaaah! Me too, and it sounds like forever! But we're having another month full of exams after that so I guess my vacations will be postponed a bit. How is a weather there? here it's supposed to be spring but today was the first day I wasn't needed a winter jacket. -.- Something strange is happening with the weather in Europe this year. And I don't like it. :/ I want sun and hot weather! grrr
Other then those frustrations caused by weather and uni stuff I guess I'm okay. I don't get enough time to devote to drawing and working on other projects but I feed myself with positive thoughts so I guess it should be okay soon. Nothing that extreme happened to me as it did to you but I'm making some new friends, enjoying the insights of my future profession and hoping for a series of sunny days because that's when I feel the best! ^^
Hey, speaking of future professions... I decided to make a list of faculties which you all my internet buddies are going to since I seems to be forgetting those stuff if I don't remember myself often about them so yeah... guess I forgot which uni are you going to. ^^; Can you tell me again. Maybe I'll remember it then and feel like an idiot since I knew it the whole time. :U

awww, it's so nice to see you all so happy, sending me all those jajaja-s and smiles...
muuuuu, it's just make me feel so happy!! :iconomgsocuteplz:
EdyD Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
jajajaja, ^_^

yea, atleast it moves, but it doesnt even have a radio, so it can get a bit boring while driving, and the A/C doesnt really understand what A/C means, lol
but ill live for now, ill see if i get a work and start investing in the car, =P

Thank you! ^_^
and really dont worry, nothing that bad happen
... expect for the medicine... does terrible horrible medicine!

yea im in the uni, it still a bit hurts a but to walk, and stuff, and well the doc said i should get much sun, nor walk that much, nor do a bunch of stuff, but yea, i try, lol
but really not much to worry, to tell you the true i didnt even notice when i got operated
it was really cool actually, all that i remember is that i was there in bed, and then some doctor or nurse, not sure what she was, said something, and then i just blink(well for me it was) i just close my eye for a sec and boom, done, i was in pain, and had no idea where i was, i even had to ask what happen because i could belive it was already done, lol it still surprises me, i could see much, and everything felt fussy and i could really concentrate, but yea, even without me knowing it was done,
jejeje, thank you ^_^
and well this is my third time i had them

and well it was an operation, but i could still move, as long as i didnt do anything i shouldnt have i was kinda ok to go to the uni, =P

yea it takes forever! cant wait!
and im not sure if i should take summer classes too, decision decision, ALSO
i want to ask you,
the thing is that, i was thinking on switching university, and well i want to study video games programing, which was the thing that i wanted to study at first, BUT to do that i had to go to USA, which i didnt want to do, yet, specially since i dont bave the money, and well i picked computer engineer since i has programing, and stuff, and i can get a job and stuff, BUT recently i discovered that where there is a university that has a video gaming design course, and i was thinking on transfering,
but its a bit more pricey than the uni im right now, so i would probably have to the a loan, and well i dont know, what do you think? maybe an outside voice cans give a better opinion. =P
i dont have a financial aid but i have like to 2 more years of it,
and well i was thinking of going now, and be done with it, and maybe possibly finish computer in some future, or stay here and then when i have a job study there,

well its really hot!
in March there was thing thing that it didnt rain, it is was the dry season and well it was really really hot, now in april it started to rain almost every day, so it kinda cold at night, but hot during the day, and well in the evening it rain, most of the time, lol but it mostly hot, like really, i have being sweating like crazy this past month, and it getting hotter kinda, but its good that atleast its raining now, =P
and well summer... the sun is going to sting alot!

and wow! you took the winter jacket now!?
well i never worn a winter jacket before, so i wouldnt know how it is, infact a jacket would be for crazy people here, the less close the better, =P
well you could visit Puerto rico if you want a hot weather, lol
i saw some pic of europe being weird with snow this time of year, and wow, like what is happening!?

yea, i have really dont anything either, i should really starts to practice my drawing more, although i have being practecing my short story writing, im taking a course, and well its nothing official but its pretty interesting, so lets see what happen, the person who attends the course said that it possible for us to publish a short story in the uni paper, and cool! ill see if i get the chance, =P

im really looking forward to what ever you do next! ^_^
i hope you are doing well, i may not be of much help, but if there is something i could do for you, just let me know! ill do my best! but please take care of yourself!
Quote from kung fu panda:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present".
just a quote that i liked alot, =P

jajaja, well im in my third year of university about to go to my four year now, and im taking computer engineering right now in puerto rico, =P
jajaja, not to worry, it has nothing to do with being idiot, lol


im glad you are!
always remember that the most precious thing a person can have is their smile, so smile!!
Leptocyon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First, I'm so terribly sorry for replying this late! I was super busy and unmotivated to even open DA. :C

Hm, put a playlist on your mobile phone and let it play while you're driving. :P Be witty. :D

wow, I had no idea how going to an operation looks (or better to say, feels) like.

What?! The third time? Oh, my poor Eddie! :C Don't they think it's about time to stop bothering you! You tell them to never appear again!

Hm, about this transferring stuff:
Well, I don't know, Eddie. I would always say to people that if they can that they go and study what they really love but I'm a bit skeptic when it comes to loans. I don't know how they work there in Puerto Rico but I was always taught that I never get loans if there is another way. Do you like it on computer engineering? If you do, then if I were you, I would finish computer engineering, maybe get a job if necessary (because of the money) BUT while studying at computer engineering focus seminars (do you have those? They are like personal projects), and similar things where you can pick subjects, to game programming so you can introduce yourself to that field and once when you're done with the computer engineering go to that course. It would be like secretly preparing for your passion. ;P I mean, game programming sounds like a specialization, like it's a narrower field then computer engineering so just in case maybe it would be better to first master in wider field to ensure that you'll have a job one day. I say maybe everywhere since I have very little knowledge on how computer engineering looks like and even less knowledge on how educational system works in your country. :/

Oh, I like hot weather! Probably because I'm always cold, and even now when it's around 25C (298 kelvins, since I don't know which unit you use there for a temperature ;D) outside I'm cold inside my room. :P Luckily, a sun started to shine here every day and it's so lovely and warm and it makes Lepto so happy. ^^
Jackets are just a trouble, believe me. When you enter a room you need to find a place where to put it and when you're moving throughout building you just have to wear it in your hands and that irritates. -.- Consider yourself lucky for not needing those pests.

Oh, wow! Glad to hear that! If writing makes you happy then enjoy! :aww: Wish you luck there!

Thank you! :blowkiss:
Hey, maybe I could use you somewhere in the future! I don't know how much you're familiar with it, but I'm writing a script for new nuzlocke comic and I might need a little help with the start. I yet have to decide if I'll really ask for the help from some guys on DA but if I decide you'll be on the list, if that's okay, of course. Your knowledge with writing and story telling will probably be of great use for telling me if I started wrong. :D
Yeah, I heard that quote before. Thanks! :aww:

wow, already a third year? *checks your DA profile* It says that you're 20. So... you started earlier? Or college in your country starts that early? Because I'll be 20 this year and I'm only a freshman. :iconaboishappyplz:

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